About Us

The Courthouse Center for the Arts


The Courthouse Center for the Arts, on Rte 138 between the University of Rhode Island and Amtrak’s Kingston Station, celebrating its 29 anniversary as southern Rhode Island’s pre-eminent arts organization. We have a full service bar, plentiful parking on premises, air-conditioned and we are handicap-accessible.

Our Mission and What We Do…..

The Courthouse Center for the Arts, a non-profit community-based arts organization located in Kingston, R.I., was founded in 1988. The newest mission of the Courthouse Center for the Arts is to produce and offer free children’s program, community outreach low cost rentals for fundraising, weddings, arts and music programs and more. With exceptional art programs, the Courthouse has upped its game to more fun, year round and exciting happenings. Gallery openings are monthly therefore showcasing more and more local artists. You will find an Art Gallery Opening around the first of every month with numerous artists on display all month long.

Searching far and wide has provided the best, most talented musicians to entertain you and get you dancing or swaying and singing in the audience. Don’t be surprised if they bring you on stage and meet you after the show to chit chat and sign autographs.   The Courthouse still shows it’s support for local musicians and nearby budding artists as well. CD’s are recorded for new bands and interns are welcome to hang out with us. Bands are welcome to rehearse here.

National acts and Stars, from all over, continue to visit us and show their love and support of the Courthouse and in support of what we do.

Musicians from all over are excited to participate in our newest program teaching children instruments and singing to increase vocabulary, lessen anxiety, teach sentence structure and increase speaking ability to autistic, learning delayed and down syndrome children.  This new program is just as important as the theater programs we provide for free.  Local sponsors and kind donors support these life enriching opportunities to the community children.

We are committed to providing accessible, affordable programming for adults and free programs for children, all while volunteers help to preserve the coolest building around and formally called The Washington County Courthouse.

Day entertainment is now being provided for bus tour companies, seniors and groups as well as the locals who want to see a show during the day.  The Courthouse partners with local restaurants to provide lunches before the show.

The Community outreach has grow by leaps and bounds.

We focus and pride ourselves on providing services not offered by other nearby facilities, and work to achieve distinction. Excellence in education, fine entertainment, outreach and increased community involvement are our new goals and aspirations. Come help us grow and share by attending an event, volunteering, participating in programs, teaching programs, or just hanging out.

The Courthouse Center for the Arts is proud to serve the Rhode Island Community and is open to new programming and events. Please feel free to contact us at 401.782.1018

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) organization, ein 05-0440571. All donations are 100% deductible when no goods or services have been provided.

Board of Directors

  • President:             John MacLaughlin
  • Vice President:    John Faiola
  • Director:               Chief Vincent Carlone
  • Director:               Phillip Martarella

Executive Director: Mariann Almonte