Dream Big – A Cabaret

September 1, 2017

Dream Big – A Cabaret

Mariann Almonte

September 1, 2017 - September 1, 2017

7:00pm – 8:30pm


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Dream Big: A Cabaret by Ryan and Molly is a project gone BIG!! Ryan and Molly chose to do a cabaret because they could showcase the wonderful and outstanding talented singers and dancers they have in the show. The central theme of their cabaret is Dream Big. As youngsters, we all want to be doctors or pilots or sports stars. Our dreams evolve as we get older and life sometimes throws us curve balls that make us change direction. But Ryan and Molly want to remind us that any goal can be reached through dedication, passion, and patience — anything is possible if we DREAM BIG
Ryan and Molly have both been involved in theatre in one form or another for several years. They both enjoy performing on stage as well as being interested in the technical aspects of theatre. They have worked very hard to write and direct this show together, to achieve their own big dream of creating an emotionally compelling cabaret.
These young adults have it down…so professional and all while having fun. We are proud to showcase this wonderful theatrical performance for you. You are sure to love what this group has coming for you. Come support your local talented artists. Have fun and be amazed at their creativity in the fine arts. This group is extremely talented, and the singing and dancing are top notch. It’s Broadway or bust for this group, and you’ll see why at this show.
Tickets are$5 for students and $10 for adults in advance. Purchase tickets on our website courthousearts.org here on facebook.

The Courthouse.
The Courthouse Center for the Arts is truly where dreams are born and can be accomplished. People of all ages are encouraged to participate in events such as concerts, art galleries, performances, and much more. The Courthouse Center for the Arts is an active family environment where community members can come together and appreciate different arts and cultures. For Ryan, his life of theatre began at The Courthouse when he was just 13 years old. He participated in his first musical as multiple ensemble characters, including a dandelion and mosquito. He was eager to expand his knowledge of musical theatre and improve himself as a performer. He is excited to return and share the magic of this place with his best friend and a talented cast.