October Art Gallery Opening Adams, Caswell, Kidd & Thayer

October 5, 2017

October Art Gallery Opening Adams, Caswell, Kidd & Thayer


October 5, 2017 - October 5, 2017

6:00pm – 8:30pm


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Stop in for a fabulous art opening with the locals Bob Adams, Kathleen Caswell, Robert Kidd and Timothy Thayer.

You’ll be in awe of the Photography these people have on display. Stop in and meet the Artists, have some fun and snacks, and a drink at the Bar.

Bob Adams 

Bob’s interest in photography began in 1964 when he received a Kodak Instamatic 104 camera as a Christmas gift. To a 10-year-old boy,  Bob said this was pure magic. He thought, just drop in the 126 film canister, pop in a flash cube, and you were good to go. Bob had many happy hours with that camera photographing pets, friends, and family. Through the years, being Bob was self-taught and worked in several formats including 35mm, 6X7cm medium format, and 4X5in large format. Bob now works exclusively in digital.  He is an elected artist member of the South County Art Association in Kingston, RI and the Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Ct. His past memberships include the Wickford Art Association in Wickford, RI and the Connecticut Academy For The Arts in Avon, Ct. To date, Bob’s images have been included in over 150 open, juried and invitational exhibitions and his work can be found in private collections throughout New England as well as New York, Pennsylvania, and the Netherlands.  Bob has always had a love for traveling, so it seemed only natural that the two would one day be combined. Over the last several years Bob has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada, photographing the vast landscapes and wildlife. The images that Bob has selected for this show are some of his personal favorites and all from past travels.  It is Bob’s hope my hope that you enjoy viewing these works as much as he has enjoyed creating them.

              Bob Kidd 

              Bob picked up his first SLR camera when he was 18 and never put it down. He is keenly interested in beautiful evidence               and fond of saying that his favorite photography subjects tend to be noisy, dramatic, beautiful or all three.

             “Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates empirical                        information. Beautiful Evidence is about how seeing turns into showing, how empirical observations                turn into explanations and evidence.” – Introduction to Beautiful Evidence, Edward Tufte, 2006

He believes that great photographs start with a vision, execution with a camera, post processing to nurture and shape                   that vision and printing on the right paper for the image so others can appreciate what he saw and felt with nothing                       more than their eyes. He authors Sunday Street, a weekly blog that celebrates the love of the photograph and he helps                   others become better photographers through individual lessons.      bob@bobkiddphotography.com

Kathleen Caswel

Kathleen Caswell is an award winning Fine Art Photographer. Having lived on Aquidneck Island for over 30 years and now in South County, Rhode Island the beauty of the coastline is where most of Kathleen’s time is spent developing her unique approach to photographing the ocean and surrounding areas. The photographs in this exhibit are a part of the Coastal Rhode Island series that Kathleen has been developing on land and on the water.

Kathleen is a member of the Newport Photo Guild, the Mystic Museum of Art, the Conanicut Island Art Association, the South County Art Association and the Wickford Art Association.  
               Tim Thayer 
                Tim is a self-taught photographer who learned to the art while traveling the world and in the US Navy as a teenager.
                A lover of nature and from a very young age, Tim realized his niche in nature photography.   His eye catching
                images of wildlife and landscapes have been proudly displayed in medical offices, restaurants and outfitter stores in                       his hometown of  Richmond, RI. Tim enjoys learning new techniques and sharing his imagery as he captures the                             beauty of the in his hometown.  Tim enjoys learning new techniques and sharing his imagery as he captures the beauty                 of the world around us.   We hope you enjoy the beauty he is displaying at the Courthouse Gallery Gala.
              Come and Enjoy a wonderful evening and hear the stories of where and how this unique and beautiful
              photography is captured.


Bob Adams

Kathleen Caswell

Tim Thayer